About Myjobindia

Who We are? is the first recruitment agency of its kind, providing a non traditional online service, established in Bangalore, Bombay,Kerala. We offer a cost effective and time efficient solution for employers seeking out talented professionals.With offices located in Bangalore as well as Bombay our online service has a stellar infrastructure allowing it to effectively be a global resource for skilled personnel through our state of the art online recruitment process.

Solutions For You!!! clients have the advantage of gaining immediate access and detailed information regarding suitable candidates, allowing them to view an array of resumes at the tips of their fingers on demand. Not only are you able to retrieve educational and professional credential information online, we offer a unique picture profile which allows you to also view a prospective employee to add a more personal element, bridging the distances and bringing you closer.

Another element that offers which puts us on the cutting edge and a step ahead others in our industry is our unique social networking tool called CONNECT. Connect is a networking service where qualified candidates get to connect with other professionals via one social network. It instantly broadens your job projection by simply joining and getting to know the many professionals who are seeking to better their careers and take the next step in a challenging and exciting new opportunity.


We have a dedicated and growing team of skilled personnel, trained in Recruitment and HR Management. The Team Members have a significant recruitment experience in a variety of market sectors. Each one is a specialist in their given field, giving you instant access to knowledge in recruitment issues for your specific needs.


HR Solution Provider in India
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